3rd International Conference

of Basic Education Colleges of Iraqi Kurdistan Region Universities

Towards Contemporary Education and Building a

Due to your safety and health and unforeseen circumstances, the conference management committee decides to delay College of Basic Education conference to indefinite date. In case any progress or change, you will be informed through the conference official website. To submit papers, the researchers can submit them through the specialized forms and the conference committee is very pleasant to receive the papers. We wish you a safe and healthy life.
The conference management committee
  • College of Basic Education, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Important Dates:

  • Deadline of Abstract Submission: 25/ 11/ 2019

  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance: 5/ 12/ 2019

  • Submission of Final Version of Accepted Papers: 5/ 3/ 2020

  • Final Results of Accepted Papers: 1/ 4/ 2020

  • Conference will be held on: 15-16/4/2020

Conference Themes:

The conference themes should be according to the Basic Education Departments: Social Sciences, English Language, Computer Science, Mathematics, Kindergarten, Art Education, Kurdish Language, and Special Education and the focus will be on:
The conference welcomes all papers related to the process of learning and teaching and any other topics connected with the circle of school, student, teacher, and curriculum. 

  1. Curriculum design
  2. Methods of teaching
  3. Educational planning
  4. Educational management and supervision 
  5. Pedagogical technology
  6. Psychological and educational guidance 
  7. Theories of learning and teaching
  8. Teaching and learning strategies
  1. Introducing and recognizing the reality of Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR) education system. 
  2. Introducing the successful experience of education in IKR and the world. 
  3. Shedding lights on educational problems and challenges in educational institutions and the process of teaching/learning in IKR
  4. Exchanging the scientific and educational experience between the IKR and the other countries.
  5. Determining the current situation of teaching/learning process in IKR’s educational institutions and the possibility of its development according to the modern requirements.     

The process of education in any nation or society faces termination and failure if it is insufficient as an educational factor and if it fails to amalgamate with the conscience of the whole society and the individual as well. Thus a contemporary education is needed to redirect the positive changes and take into account education and teaching and lead them to a more advanced and developed status and work for the welfare, prosperity, and social justice for each individual citizen. 

The scientific, social, and humanitarian basis comprises the age and generation of each society and plays a significant role in reshaping a farsighted society and individual because education takes charge of creating a conscience and self-aware human beings in a way as to have the power to face all the constructive hindrances which cling to the society, and save it from drowning and failure, and become a source of motivation to maximize the value of the individual and internationally enlighten him.

Strengthening and building the personality of the individual, and the process of education and teaching have occupied a vast area in the consideration of the international and local organizations and the academic and educational institutions since the society is in great need of constructing an enlightened and self-aware humanitarian citizen. And this is achieved only through education and teaching. In an attempt to build an academic threshold, academicians of different sorts of experience will meet to set for discussion educational issues to paint together a brighter horizon of contemporary education for the coming generation. For this purpose, University of Sulaimani, College of Basic Education holds its third international conference of the colleges of Basic Education carrying the motto “Towards a Contemporary Education and Building a Bright Future” .